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What Assessments will be required?

The Tallawang Solar Farm and Barneys Reef Wind Farm projects are currently in their scoping phase, prior to the lodgment of two separate scoping reports with the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE). We anticipate lodging these reports for both projects in the second quarter (Q2) of 2021.

On reviewing the scoping documents, DPIE will provide their project-specific assessment requirements (SEARs), and preparation of two detailed Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) will commence. Both projects will be assessed under the State Significant Development planning process [an outline of which is presented in the Figure].

As part of this process, RES has appointed Umwelt Environmental and Social Consultants, to commence a number of social and environmental studies to inform the scoping phase, including a Social Impact Assessment (SIA). Other studies to be undertaken through the EIS processes for the projects include:

  • Noise
  • Visual
  • Biodiversity
  • Heritage
  • Water
  • Traffic
  • Social and Community
  • Soils
  • Land Use
  • Hazard and Risk
  • Cumulative impacts
  • Technology specific studies

The detailed design and feasibility of each Project will be informed by the outcomes of these studies, to ensure that impacts are identified, addressed and appropriately mitigated, and that the benefits of the Projects are enhanced and maximised.

It is anticipated that should the Projects move to the next phase of the planning process, the EIS and SIA for Tallawang Solar Farm Project would be lodged in the third quarter (Q3) of 2021, and the EIS and SIA for Barneys Reef Wind Farm Project would be lodged in the fourth quarter (Q4) of 2021.

The SIA for both Tallawang Solar Farm and Barneys Reef Wind Farm will include a comprehensive community engagement program, prepared in accordance with the NSW DPIE’s new draft SIA guideline (2020).

Given the Projects proximity to each other and the number of shared stakeholders, the engagement program for both projects will be conducted concurrently. This program will provide opportunities for those with an interest in the project to present their views, and will assist RES in obtaining an understanding of local community values, needs, aspirations and impacts associated with the Projects.

How can I be involved?

RES, together with members of the Umwelt team, will be contacting relevant local and state government agencies, local landholders, local businesses, service providers, and community group representatives as part of the scoping phase, to better understand community views and perspectives.

Outcomes of this scoping phase engagement will be summarised and shared with the community in a second Project Information Sheet.  

Once complete, community members will have further opportunities to view the outcomes of the assessment studies, and have further input to planning and development as the Projects progress.

We value your input, so if you would like to receive further information on both or either of the projects and/or would like to organise a time to meet with members of the respective project teams, please get in contact with the details on the Contact Us page. 

We look forward to your participation and involvement.