RES in Australia

RES is the world’s largest independent renewable energy company, active in 14 countries around the globe. Establishing operations in Australia in 2004, RES leveraged global knowledge and talent to develop projects in the early phases of the renewable energy industry in Australia, starting with Taralga Wind Farm in New South Wales in 2007 and Ararat Wind Farm in Victoria in 2010.

RES in Australia has experienced exponential growth since 2004. With offices established in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, and many working remotely in regional areas around Australia, the team has expanded to over 150 employees. A RES asset management team not only has Australian-based experts and real-life knowledge of the regulatory and environmental landscape, but also the added benefit of experience and skill from other projects around the globe.

Our team includes a broad range of experienced construction and asset managers, grid engineers, plant performance specialists, data analysts, health and safety specialists, energy market specialists, financial/company management specialists and community engagement managers. Together, they support over 2GW of assets around Australia, with more currently in planning and development phases.

Australian Environment

Australia has an international reputation for some of the most unique and rare native animals and plants in the world. Coupled with planning laws controlling development activities including the establishment of assets, the Australian environmental and planning approval processes and requirements can be complex.

RES embraces environmental stewardship when developing new renewable projects. At the Dulacca Wind Farm in Queensland, Australia, thoughtful project design helped RES reduce our potential impact on habitat for the endangered native Dulacca Woodland Snail by more than 90%

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